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Since 1995, FutureEverything has been been kick-starting important conversations about the future, together with communities across the world. Starting life as an annual festival of digital culture, FutureEverything has since worked with international artists, technologists and collaborators to interrogate the intersection of art, technology and society through bold new art commissions, living labs, participatory design and public events.


As Digital Content Producer for FutureEverything, I led on the redevelopment of the FutureEverything website to reflect the changing vision of the organisation, moving the website away from an events-based model to one that would better reflect the different strands of the company.


Together with design agency Supanaught, I embarked on an extensive content and UX audit, as well as leading with hands-on creative workshops with the team to develop key requirements. Based on a strategy of future flexibility and content-rich storytelling, we then developed and built a new design and content framework for the FutureEverything website. The intention was to develop the overall brand language, add clarity to the organisational offer, and take a flexible approach to the cms so the website can be further evolved over time. The result is a bold, image-driven user experience, with space for content-rich storytelling, alongside all the necessary practical functionality.

Digital Producer, Project Lead, Content strategy, art direction, editorial content production, digital copywriting, content audit, UX/UI copy, workshop design and delivery

Agency: Supanaught

Client: FutureEverything

FutureEverything Website

FutureEverything website