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A day in the life of Hyper Island

Client: Hyper Island

Role: Scriptwriting, creative direction, content strategy, editorial content, social media campaign

Hyper Island is a design school unlike anywhere else, with Masters courses offered across the world in places like Stockholm, New York and London. 

On the run up to a new academic year, the team at Hyper Island Manchester were looking for ways to share their stories with prospective students, and answer any questions they might have. To kick off, I ran a creative workshop with the team to get to the heart of their ideas and aspirations. I then developed this into a loose narrative structure and script, and worked with Other Finger Films to capture interviews with alumni, staff and course leaders.

In addition to creating two films, I also developed a content strategy for the Hyper Island team for them to roll out across their various digital channels. We created native image and video content for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as a series of written interviews for the Hyper Island blog

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