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The Museum of Imagined Futures

Client: Indigo Storm, StoryTrails, Unboxed: Creativity

Role: Script editing, script writing

Created by Indigo Storm and Studio ANRK for StoryTrails, The Museum of Imagined Futures invites people into a virtual world to explore potential, hopeful futures for our planet. Take a journey from the depths of the ocean, to the forest floor, to the drones of future skies, and imagine a future fifty years from now.

I was brought in to edit the script – helping to bring Lumi (the museum guide) to life, shape the narratives throughout the VR experience and trim the overall length.

You can experience The Museum of Imagined Futures at 15 libraries across the UK in Summer 2022 as part of StoryTrails.

The Museum of Imagined Futures is an Indigo Storm Production in collaboration with Studio ANRKCommissioned and funded by StoryFutures and AHRC as part of the Creative Industries Clusters Programme. In Partnership with BFI and BBC and in collaboration with Unboxed. Full team credits and info can be found on the Indigo Storm website

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