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New Work All Play

Client: Bruntwood / MIF

Agency: The Neighbourhood

Role: Creative team, copywriting, social media campaign

Every two years, the Manchester International Festival descends on the city for 18 extraordinary days of new work and special events across the spectrum of the arts.

One year, The Neighbourhood were invited to create a sponsorship campaign for Bruntwood. The aspiration was to move away from traditional print media, to something more in keeping with the spirit of the festival. New Work All Play was born; an interactive digital installation that celebrated both work and play. The campaign gave a nod to Bruntwood's contribution to the workplace landscape of the city and their dedication to Manchester's cultural reputation.


Imagery from the festival was projected onto a large, paper model head in a Bruntwood building in central Manchester. The audience could interact with the installation online or by discovering it in person. When someone inputted some basic information abut themselves, the head would throw back a unique, playful job role. This was projected in realtime onto the head alongside video imagery from the festival's most recent events. The installation ran alongside animations on large screens throughout the city, as well as a social media campaign where the audience could win tickets to special events.

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