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Writers room: binaural audio

I’m over the moon to have been selected for a special writers room with StoryFutures, in which we’ll explore Writing for Immersive Binaural Audio.

I LOVE audio dramas and story podcasts, especially the spooky kind (think: Black Tapes, The Sink, Limetown, etc.). Writing for audio is something I’ve always wanted to do. In fact, I’ve secretly got a few audio drama scripts that I’m noodling on for fun. They may well never see the light of day (nook of an ear?!), but it’ll be interesting to look at them again and see how a binaural approach may spark some new ideas!

But of course, binaural audio isn’t strictly limited to sound-only stories. It can be an incredible way to augment other experiences, from film, to games to art exhibitions. As a writer, I’m always thinking about story layers. Not just within the tales themselves, but in how they’re executed. There are so many creative ways to enhance and heighten the audience experience through world building and environmental storytelling.

One piece that has always stuck with me on account of how well it uses audio is the Guardian’s 6x9 – a virtual experience of solitary confinement. It’s a few years old now, but still very effective in my opinion. The way sound is used is so visceral. Give it a try!

In any case, I’m excited to hear from artists, writers and audio experts alike, to learn more about binaural and see what ideas it may spark for my own work. Look out for a follow up blog and a few practical experiments!


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