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The Keeper Council

Client: The National Gallery, StoryFutures

Agency: Arcade

Role: Narrative design, game writing, scriptwriting, clue and puzzle writing, inventory descriptions, special object copy, onboarding comic strip copy

I was the Lead Writer and Narrative Designer for The Keeper Council – a Roblox adventure game for The National Gallery, created by Arcade.

Designed for 7-11-year-olds, The Keeper Council is a magical Roblox world where players can tackle fun quests and solve clues to collect paintings from the National Gallery. By doing so, they'll rise through the ranks from Apprentice to High Keeper and turn their very own Tycoon into a Grand Gallery!


As the Lead Writer/Narrative Designer, I collaborated with Arcade to develop the story world and characters, create the puzzle formats and script all of the in-game copy – from character dialogue, to playful inventory items, to kid-friendly factoids for their collected artworks.

The Keeper Council is as a companion piece to the in-gallery AR adventure: The Keeper of Paintings, also created by Arcade.

Example gameplay

Example narrative onboarding


Example narrative objects

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